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18 April 2014

New Wave Book ‘Mad, Mad World’ Takes Readers Back To The ’80s

Good luck escaping the ’80s these days — whether on a Super Bowl commercial or soundtracking a primetime soap like “Grey’s Anatomy,” the music created more than 30 years ago, and accessorized with big shoulder pads, bigger hair, and a ton of eyeliner, has proven to have influence and staying power beyond simply nostalgia.

The new book “Mad World: An Oral History of the New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s” (Abrams Image), written by Lori Majewski with THR contributor Jonathan Bernstein, celebrates this post-punk period in all of its fluorescent glory. Making the argument that this was also “the last golden age of pop,” whose musicians were weaned on David Bowie and were inspired by the twin explosions of disco and punk, the book tells the tale of some of the decade’s most unforgettable songs — “Come On Eileen,””Don’t You (Forget About Me),” “Blue Monday,” and 32 others — in fascinating detail, letting the architects of these memorable records shine a light on how the sound of a generation came to be.

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