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01 June 2018

Weezer Gives In, Covers ‘Africa’

Weezer Gives In, Covers ‘Africa’

For months, a 14-year-old girl has had one goal: Get Weezer to cover “Africa” by Toto. On Tuesday, that goal was achieved when the rock band released its cover of the 1980s hit, which has lately experienced a resurgence of popularity. Noisey interviewed the teen, giving her name only as Mary, back in December when she first started her Twitter account, @weezerafrica. The whole thing started as a “goofy joke.” But for months now, she has been tweeting exclusively about her campaign to get a Weezer cover of “Africa,” even getting a laugh from Wilson himself along the way—and counting Toto’s David Paich among her supporters. “Looks like @Weezer finally blessed the rains…” she tweeted along with the band’s long-awaited cover of the song.