The B-52s don’t expect to record another album.

Founding member Fred Schneider tells Variety the music industry has changed too much since the days of “Love Shack” and “Rock Lobster.” He says, “You can’t support yourself trying to sell records with people downloading things for free.”

Kate Pierson adds that since they create songs from improvisation instead of formal writing sessions, not living near each other also makes it hard to create new music. “We pretty much have always just jammed until we came up with something through that process. We would all have to be together in one room, and with [bandmate] Keith [Strickland], to do that.”

Kate doesn’t rule out crafting the occasional single. She says Strickland has been writing melodies and may be able to put together a track using digital software to assemble contributions from various band members.

The B-52s kicked off their 40th-anniversary tour last Friday night in Philadelphia. For their tour schedule, head to