Lola Rizer

Lola is a West Virginia native and Air Force brat who traveled the country while growing up. She is the proud mother of four amazing kids, was bitten by the radio bug right out of high school, and has pursued that career ever since. She is also an advocate for children with disabilities and a proud member of the community events council. She’s a bit of a smarty-pants, so if you expect a straight answer, you won’t get one. If there’s anything you don’t know about her, just listen to the show.

She has a terrifying fear of pot pies and an addiction to Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and the paranormal. Yes, she believes in spooks. If there’s anything you need to know, just ask her.

Nick Durm

Nick Durm wasn’t so much born as much as he was found nestled between the pages of a Dungeons and Dragons instruction manual. His first words were “My name is Kid Rock!” without knowing who Kid Rock was and how little relevance he is anymore. After he found out the man tried to run for government, he followed in his namesakes footsteps, only to be rejected for not legally having anything to do with Kid Rock and committing identity fraud. After this embarrassment he threw himself into hiding in between two West Virginia mountains, where he played guitar and sang for a group of men on boats.

Nick Durm was summoned to be one of two voices on The Buzz, to talk about his favorite songs and to contain the raging beast which calls itself Scott, that has made his den of red meat and cold beer in The Buzz studio. May the good Lord have mercy on his soul.

Stuart Hill

Origins unknown, Stuart likes red meat, cold beer, and he has no filter. Favorite movie is Smoky and the Bandit. Stuart is a chronic liar who says he left his former job, training astronauts to fight gorgons to pursue his first love. After serving as advisor of badassery to President Obama, he relocated to West Virginia where he bought 93.5 The Buzz so he could have his own show.